Transient Surge & Overvoltage
Lightning strikes between clouds or to ground (and
objects upon it) can cause transient overvoltages
to be coupled onto electrical cables and poses a threat
to the sensitive equipment connected to them.
We provide a wide range of products that meets all
kinds of needs.

Furse offers full range of surge protection devices (SPDS), Essential for protecting against transient overvoltages caused
by lightning and electrical switching events, including:

  • Service entrance and equipotential bonding SPDS
  • Protectors for mains power supplies
  • Protectors for data communication and signal lines
  • Protectors for telephone lines and computer networks
FURSE Surge Protection Devices
Mains Power Supplies
Data & Signal Lines
Phone Lines & Computer Networks
Specific Systems Protection
ECP Accessories

LPI® offers a wide selection of Surge protection devices (SPD's) which are designed for Surge and Transient protection of the mains power supply at the point of entry to your facility.

LPI Surge Protection Devices
total solution total commitment.