Earthing & Grounding
Earthing & grounding

We offer a wide range of earthing & grounding products that meets International Standards like UL & BS EN.

Earth Rod
Earth Rod Clamps
Rod to Tape Clamp (Type A)
U Bolt Rod Clamp (Type E)
Rod To Cable Clamp (Type GUV)
Earth Plate
Solid Copper
Lattice Copper
Inspection Pit
Earth Rod Seals
Earth Bar
Earth Boss

Exothermic Welding System

Furseweld exothermic welding is  a cost efficient method for making large or small numbers of high quality electrical connections. It  is  a simple, self- contained system that uses the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminium, within a mould, to form electrical connections.

Exothermic Weld Connection Selector
Bar to Bar
Bar to Steel Surface
Cable to Bar
Cable to Cable
Cable to Earth Rod
Cable to Re inforcing Bar
Cable to Steel Surface & Steel
Earthing & Grounding Products
Ground Enhancement Materials (Macronite, Relso & GRIP)
We offer a wide range of ground enhancement materials to reduce earth resistance in problematic soil conditions.
Transient Earth Clamp
LPI’s  Transient Earth Clamp (TEC-100) prevents earth potential differences by operating only under transient conditions to effectively clamp all connected earths together. Under normal conditions, the TEC-100 presents an e effctive open circuit. Once the earth potential difference exceeds the breakdown voltage of the TEC 100, conduction immediately occurs and the earth  potentials are equalized. The  TEC-100 is a  self-restoring  device  and  has  a  life of over ten thousand operations.
Chemical Earth Rods
LPI’s Chemical Ground Rod provides a low impedance earth to e ectively dissipate lightning and electrical fault currents. The Chemical ground rod is ideal in situations where space is restricted and normal lightning earths such as radial and grid type systems cannot be installed. The LPI  chemical ground rod is combined  with LPI’s Reslo and mineral salts to provide a maintenance free earthing installation, which provides a low resistance earth.
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