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For more than 10 years, Eriweld International has brought its expertise in Lightning Protection to serve all sectors including Military, Home Defence, Land Transport, Aviation, Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrolchemical, Commercial & Industrial Facilities, Education Facilities, Recreational, Marine, Electronics Industry, Telecommunications and many others…

We take pride in ourselves to provide a complete & comprehensive solution for Lightning Protection to protect lives & property against the devastating effects of lightning.

With a team comprising of members with more than 50 years of experience, Eriweld has gained market over the years to become one of the leading player in Singapore for Lightning Protection System.

We have partnered with world renowned brands to provide solutions to our customers using high quality products that meet International Standards.

Over the years, we have expanded to the region with offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia & China serving a wider range of industries & customers. With this capability, we are able to support our customers in Singapore who has projects in the region.

Our dedication to our customers and belief in providing the best possible products & services have led us to a leading position.

Eriweld’s success over the years has led to diversification into other product range. We now service the industry with a complete range of Lightings & Enclosures for Hazardous Environment, Cable Support Systems, Mechanical & Electrical Fasteners and Electrical & Cable Accessories.

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